Monday, August 12, 2013

So Long Summer

Yes, it's almost that time to wave goodbye to summer and welcome the Fall Fashion.

This is the time of year that pairing fabrics and colors can be challenging.  It's still warm enough for linen blends and light colors, but when you put them on together, it just doesn't quite feel seasonally appropriate.

Pick one or the other.  If you're wearing a light fabric, choose a darker or richer color.  If you're wearing a light color, keep the fabric choice on the heavier side.

For example, this linen blend blazer by Vince in this rust color is perfect for day or evening.  Because of the fabric, you'll still be able to stay cool but the color is better fit for the end-of-summer August fashion.

For more options and full outfit suggestions, shoot me an email or leave a comment!


Fashionably yours,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

1 Blazer: 2 Looks

Item Spotlight: Tailored Chambray Blazer

I love the look of a well tailored blazer that can be worn multiple ways and this chambray blazer from Banana Republic offers that! Not to mention, at a great price point of $198.00 (retail price).

I styled this look for a dinner date (with the red chinos) and a summer wedding (with the navy pants). If you're like my client and would rather not go for a very formal look for these summer temperatures, you should try these ideas. 


Fashionably yours,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Suit Look: Color Play

Wearing a suit during the summer can be a challenge.  It's all about choosing the right colors and fabrics.  Because summer is so hot, there is a more lax dress code for suits.  Also, summer suits are lighter weight with cotton and wool blends that allow for some breathing room.  For colors, look for blues (pictured here), dark oranges, grays and light browns for suit color choices and layer them with like-colored shirts on the lighter scale.  Your shoe option should always be the darkest of the colors and should pull your entire look together.  For example, if you choose a teal suit with a grey and turquoise gingham shirt, pick a gray loafer that grounds your outfit.
Summer also allows for one other rule: skip the tie!

Paul Smith teal suit, Gucci felt loafers, Isaia gingham shirt, Burberry watch. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Wedding Look: Bring Out Your Style

Summer weddings are the best kind to really bring out your personal style.  Whether it's a day or evening wedding, you can incorporate your own personality into your look.  If you like color, go with a great bold hue; if you like certain accents (skulls, feathers, animals, etc.) bring it out in your accessories.  This is the time where you get to choose cool pieces like cuff links, pocket squares, tie bars, watches and suit jackets to really display your style.
Have fun, be daring and make a great impression!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Man, It's Getting Cold!

A men's weekend look that's both stylish and warm for the cold nights.

Men's Styling Tips

Hola Gents! 

Hola to the gents' spouses as well! ;-)

In the gigantic fashion world, we RARELY see men's tips unless you specifically open an men's magazine. Such a shame! This makes me want to quickly fill this void as stylishly as possible. 

So, don't call me a savior just yet!  But check back often and I will surely aim to please the people searching for a men's style source for any and every occasion of life!

Feedback, comments, questions, etc., will all be affectionately appreciated and acknowledged!