Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wingtip Gone Weekend

I absolutely love the idea of a wingtip with MOST men's looks. So naturally, the weekend wingtip immediately grabbed my attention in a good way. This is a great alternative to your boat shoes or sneakers when you want to still keep your weekend looks polished.

See below for some examples.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Men's Style Tip: Denim Shirt Swap-out

The Perfect Chameleon

A denim shirt can be your saving grace!  Denim shirts now come in so many different shades, prints, weights and washes, which make them very easy to dress any way you want. Substitute a denim shirt as jacket or cardigan and it will work like a charm each time!!

image source: http://www.shopstyle.com/users/iDreamChanel

Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to Plan a Look

When you get dressed for an event, how do you plan your look?  Where do you start??

Your clothes in your closet?
                                             Your shoes?
                                                                  A magazine?
                                                                                        The guest list?

Sometimes the toughest part of putting an outfit together is finding a starting point.  Follow these easy steps and you may find yourself getting dressed much faster and less stressed for every event!

Dress for the time of day.  Layer according to your comfort and the weather.  Cardigans, blazers and open sweaters are a great way to add on or take off layers for ultimate comfort.  If you're dressing for the day, you can opt for less layers and a less formal look (unless the event calls for formal wear).  For evening and late night events, you can dress more formal and simply carry one extra layer, if needed.

Just keep in mind the season and make sure your fabric choices are appropriate.

Pick a statement.  When dressing for any event, you should always think about the message your look conveys.  Think about your look as a title of a chapter or heading of a list.  Whether it's laid-back casual, elegant and formal, or rocker chic, to name a few examples, you want to make sure that your entire look is pulled together by some type of theme.  Mixing textures and prints can be very risky if not executed properly, so just make sure that your look flows from head to toe and you'll be flawless!!

Color accordingly.   If you're going to be out from sun up until night fall without changing clothes, you'll want to keep your look neutral and layered. Think black, browns, beige, and white. Then add your color choice in small doses.  This will keep your look streamlined and day-to-night-friendly.  Great ways to add color to finish your look include: a layer under a blazer, jewelry, accessories, shoes and makeup.  They are also easy to change when going from day to night.

OWN YOUR LOOK.  No matter what you do, make sure YOU like the way you look!  Confidence is the most important thing you can put on and the most detrimental thing to forget at home! 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Men's Suiting Style Tips: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

CUFFLINKS:  When wearing cufflinks, a good way to decide the color or metal is to keep it consistent with the material of the time piece you're wearing.

POCKET SQUARES:  These are an easy and stylish accessory to add to any suit.  If unsure on how to mix patterns, keep the pattern similar to the suit or tie pattern.  The color is a bit easier to get creative with -- just use a similar color palette, choosing a color only a few shades lighter or darker than the dress shirt.

MATERIAL:  The key to staying comfortable in a suit is to keep in mind the season.  Wool comes in a array of weights to accommodate the average man that wears a suit daily.  Lighter weight wool is now vastly available in many different stores.  This is highly encouraged for the summer months.