Monday, July 16, 2012

Balancing Act: How to Soften a Hard Look

When pairing a leather jacket with motorcycle boots, adding the perfect soft touch can make your look go from "Hard Rock" to "Rocker Chic" with ease.

Just think 2:1 ratio. Don't be nervous- this is NOT a math lesson! For every 2 "hard" pieces you have on, add in 1 delicate piece. For instance, if you have destroyed jeans and a motorcycle jacket, grab a pearl necklace or lace top to layer on. Don't forget, makeup and your hair style also play a major part and can be included in your 2:1 equation. The right ballerina bun can also play down the toughness of your look.

Color choices must also be considered. Pastels and cool colors add an instant delicacy to any look and can be inserted to tip the scales in the right direction for your completely pulled together look!

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