Friday, September 14, 2012

From Online to In-store!!!

I know, I know...this is nothing new, right?? Wrong!

It seems that even though the economy is "tanking" or we are in a "recession" or whatever you want to call it, retail chains aren't swaying. So much that (a Gap, Inc. online only brand) opened its first physical-hands-on-try-on-merch store. And where else but good ol NYC!! They opened the boutique-esq store in the beating heart of the East Village. Although not as expansive a selection as the online store, it's pretty damn dead-on with the size of the venue.

I suppose this is a test-run to see how people catch on and also a way for those living in a bubble to discover the online store.

The one thing missing is menswear, which I really hope they begin to carry by Spring 2013. Guys, don't fret... is always open for your stylistic pleasure!!

Here's a little snapshot collection to entice you to shop the store!!

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