Monday, August 12, 2013

So Long Summer

Yes, it's almost that time to wave goodbye to summer and welcome the Fall Fashion.

This is the time of year that pairing fabrics and colors can be challenging.  It's still warm enough for linen blends and light colors, but when you put them on together, it just doesn't quite feel seasonally appropriate.

Pick one or the other.  If you're wearing a light fabric, choose a darker or richer color.  If you're wearing a light color, keep the fabric choice on the heavier side.

For example, this linen blend blazer by Vince in this rust color is perfect for day or evening.  Because of the fabric, you'll still be able to stay cool but the color is better fit for the end-of-summer August fashion.

For more options and full outfit suggestions, shoot me an email or leave a comment!


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